Do you have the right technology for the growth of your business?


Technology is a major driver of business profits. Here is a list of innovations you may want to implement in your business:

1. Document management systems (going paperless)

2. Electronic workflow

3. Multiple monitors

4. Portals

5. “cloud” computing

6. Customer relationship management (CRM) software


There are significant benefits to going paperless:

· Increase in productivity

· Elimination of storage space

· Reduction in expenses

· Ability to work remotely

· Better customer services

· Protection of documents

· Happier team members

There are also significant benefits to being in the “Cloud”:

· Investment – Cloud computing shifts a large portion of your I.T costs from capital outlay to a regular operating expense

· Expense – Reduced I.T expenses as there’s no need for expensive servers, hardware or I.T departments

· Access – Access your data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

· Scalability – Add users/programs/applications on an as-needed basis, allowing you to adjust system for seasonal peaks and troughs

· Speed – Applications are quicker due to the capacity of the host’s larger operating systems

· Security – Data is backed up (in real time) and stored in multiple secure locations. The threat of having your servers stolen, subject to natural catastrophe such as fire or flood, or being otherwise compromised goes away.

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