Protect your business this summer

Gosh what a hot weekend we had, even though the radio said it would be hotter than Ibiza, you never really know what to think with UK weather. Saturday was great, catching up with friends doing a little bit of shopping before relaxing on the park. Later that night my back, neck and shoulders started to hurt, it quickly dawned on me that I had sun burn! Even though I had been wearing SPF30 and wasn’t in the sun that long, I still burnt!
Make sure you can fully enjoy yourself this summer, don’t let your business get burnt. If you have ANY worries or concerns about your business, or if your current accounting, payroll, bookkeeping or tax return services aren’t quite giving you the protection and stress free summer you deserve, give me a call or email me and quote “SPF My Business”
Get your business SPF protection and enjoy your summer.

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