Technology is all-encompassing in the modern era and we all rely on a burgeoning amount of online data.

Indeed, this past week has seen the public release of a new electronic ‘health atlas’ for England and Wales, devised by the Imperial College in London. This innovative online tool is a collection of interactive colour-coded maps that illustrate the relative geographical risks of various health conditions. This is an invaluable resource for the general public and will help understand and explain why disease risk can be more prevalent in certain environments. Quite simply, users will enter their postcode to assess the health and environmental risks in their neighbourhood (www.envhealthatlas.co.uk).

The link between the environment, pollutants­­ and our health is powerful intellectual capital for the Government. The data will ultimately help us all to better understand the air quality around us, the cleanliness of our water supply and even the levels of sunshine and pesticides!

As a leading exponent of information and data ourselves, AP Robinson are offering our very own free health check at this moment in time – for your business! In order for any organisation to thrive, it needs careful cultivation and we offer free courses and events throughout the year.

Like the health atlas too, our services cover every single postcode in the country! We are proudly based in Grimsby – yet our expertise covers the full geographical spectrum of the UK. Our value also transcends economic disparities between different regions of the country, too. We are keen to provide services that suit every budget – wherever you live.

We are not just accountants – we are business advisors too – and we love to help everybody prosper through innovation and cutting edge support.

Of course, we will all be using the new ‘health atlas’ – yet the only true guarantee in life is that optimum health will be enjoyed through engaging with A P Robinson!

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Always resolve your complaints



If your customers have complaints that are appropriately resolved, they can become better customers than those who haven’t complained.

Authorise your staff to fix problems without any “run around”, just as they do at Ritz Carlton Hotels. Give your staff the authority to send a customer a bottle of wine, flowers or whatever is appropriate – this becomes part of your company’s “WOW” factor.

Some people look forward to a complaint as they see it not as a negative, but a way to improve. When you receive a complaint, try to look at it as a customers view of how and where you can improve. Resolve your customers complaint appropriately and quickly, taking on board all they have shared with you and turn this into a positive and look at where you can change, so this issue doesn’t happen again.

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What do your customers really think?


Person Pondering a Question

Undertaking a survey of your customers should go beyond the issue of customer satisfaction. You want to enhance your understanding of your customers’ needs and wants, recognise your weaknesses and identify new opportunities to expand your business. Some customers may be reluctant to give you their real, unbiased opinions if you conduct your own survey, so consider using a neutral party to conduct your survey for you.

Decide exactly what you want to find out before you launch the study and pre-test your questions, as there are always some that are misunderstood or misinterpreted. You can also expect to receive responses or comments that you had not anticipated. Keep your survey brief and focused. To increase your response rate, think about rewarding respondents with a discount voucher (that can be used immediately) or a free gift.

There are many ways to conduct your survey, including:

1. By post (be sure to include a postage paid reply envelope)

2. Over the web

3. By telephone

4. In person

One professional firm surveyed all 1,200 of their customers and received a phenomenal 50% response. How? The “freebies” were significant – in this case several iPads were given away.

Here’s a sample covering letter

Dear Customer

We are here to provide high quality products and services to all our customers. To help us achieve this, we would greatly appreciate your opinion of our performance. Please take a few minutes to complete the enclosed survey. Responses will help us identify the areas in which we are doing well, as well as those which we need to improve.

Please return your completed survey in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. Please call me if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name

If you are planning a telephone survey, hire someone to do this that has business experience, as much of the benefit comes from the answers to follow-on questions.

To achieve a high response rate, send the actual survey document in advance with a covering letter asking for the recipients assistance.

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