5 Ways to Increase your sales


If you’re in business, surely you’d want to make a lot of sales? One key thing to remember is, the easier you make it for people to do business with you, the more business you will do. Not everyone will have the internet, those that do, might not come to your location as they prefer to buy online. Think of all types of people and how you will reach them with your products or services.

1. Retail – if you have a fixed location where your customers can browse your items this could bring you in more sales if done right. Lets say you are a clothing shop, once a week change your manikins in the window and showcase your stock with the latest trends. Have a welcoming changing room, so your customers feel relaxed and willing to try on items. Be attentive to your customers, offer help, now and again but, not too much as this can be very off putting for a customer. Your customer might have just popped in to browse but, if all the above is done correctly, you have a happy customer leaving with a number of items. Including a new dress which they wear that night and their friends want to know, where they got it from because they want one to, which leads me to number 2.

2. Recommendation – It is said that an unhappy customer will tell more people than a happy one so, the key is to always do your best so you have a happy customer buying/using your products or services. Always deal with complaints efficiently as people will also talk about the way you handled, or didn’t handle their complaint. The best advertising is from a customer recommendation. Your job is to make all your customers become fans of what you sell or provide. You could look at doing incentives for your customers or clients, offer them a discount voucher on their next purchase or 10% off their annual fee. People love getting freebies and incentives, think about what you could offer as a freebie, or think about what incentives or offers you like to receive yourself.

3. Online – If you have an online shop this means anyone in the world can buy from you. While this might sound great, you will have to consider supply and demand. Do you or can you supply enough stock? Having an online shop is great but, think of your customers. Postage could be seen as a barrier to buy multiple items, look at offering a set amount no matter how many items they buy, or a special offer to encourage your customers to buy more, for example; buy more than 3 pairs of shoes and get free delivery. What if they need to return items, this could put them off buying from you in the first place. It’s almost guaranteed that you will get items returned to you, look at offering a free returns service, or courier collection service or, if you have a retail shop, you could accept in-store returns for those customers who can get to you.

4. Networking – A vast number of businesses nowadays partake in networking. It’s a great way to build great relationships with likeminded people. This new relationship will lead to great things. Offer help/support where you can, invite them to other events you might know of, introduce them to other people you know, refer work to them where you can and before you know it, you have a great relationship with someone as likeminded as you. Who’s products or services do you think they will be recommending to their friends and families, yours, or Mr Blogs down the road who they pass on the way to work? Relationships in business is vital, it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

5. An event – If you’re taking part in a fair or trade show, make sure you stand out. All trade shows look the same and the visitors will be seeing a lot of people/stalls, you need to make sure you stand out from the rest. Try dressing up, having an interactive stall showcasing your products, discount vouchers or run a competition.

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