10 Steps to generating your big idea


After reading an article written by Robert Ashton, I had to share this with you.

Whether you are simply too busy to think, feel that your brain is stagnating or are somewhere between the two extremes, generating the big idea is a daunting challenge. Here are ten ways to start the creative process.

1. Buy a notebook – Keep it in your pocket, beside the bed and everywhere you go. Ideas can strike at any time, be sure to write them down.

2. Ask a friend – Who knows you well. Ask them what they would buy from you, ask them what you’re good at and what they feel you should avoid.

3. Beware of the hobby habit – Many people feel that their hobby holds the key, but are there enough people who share your passion and have money to spend.

4. Watch the weather – Will your idea appeal to your customers all year round? Selling Christmas decorations or hiring bikes might not keep you in business throughout the full year. Perhaps you could run two seasonal business.

5. Read books – Why not pick up some biographies of entrepreneurs you admire. See how they started, often in a small way, and then became household names. What can you learn from their experience and apply to your own situation?

6. Open your eyes – All around you are people running businesses. What do you think you could do better? You may not want to run a coffee shop but, thinking about one you visit every morning could improve your thinking to be more entrepreneurially.

7. Stroll in the park – And other places you only rarely visit. Watch people. What’s missing? Observe, if possible, your potential customers. How can you influence them?

8. Travel – You don’t need to go far. Visit local trade fairs and see what is being promoted. Pose as a buyer and ask questions. Compare your business vision with what you are experiencing.

9. Check your CV – Most people actually start a business in an area in which they have worked before. Don’t take this for granted, but accept it as a possibility all the same.

10. Shake the pig – Emptying you money box onto the bed is the ultimate reality check for a budding entrepreneur. If Auntie Violet has just died and left you with a million, your choice is wide. For most of us though, cash will constrain our start-up plans.

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