Turn your customers into your sales people

Customer referrals can be a very effective way to grow your business and your brand awareness. Many of you might have heard or even offer referral agreements. Why not advertise this more to you clients / customer base, give them an incentive to refer you. If you run a business based on subscriptions or pay monthly services, you could offer one month half price for each referral your clients / customers bring you. There are many things you could offer, vouchers, money, a bottle of wine, a discount voucher on your products or services.  You might think you are giving things away but ultimately you are growing your business. Let’s say one of your clients spends £1000 on an annual basis on your products / services, you could offer a £100 voucher; redeemable against your products or services for each referral they bring you. If they introduce their neighbour who also brings you £1000 on an annual basis, you not only gain a new client / customer but, that £100 voucher will come back into your business, so ultimately, you have not lost anything. In some circumstances your client or customer who was awarded the £100 voucher, might love the products or service so much that they add this to their annual spend with you.

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