Be clear on your products and services.

Do you have a clear view of where to position your products and services in the marketplace? A useful tool for deciding how to ‘position’ your products and services is the Porter Generic Strategy Model (developed by Michael E. Porter (1998), Harvard Business School Professor and Author of numerous texts on strategy).

If you think of Rolls Royce, they go after a niche market with a very high attention to detail and quality for a premium price. But, when you look at Asda, they use low price strategy and go after the whole market. However, quality and attention to detail is less important

Taking a look at the following companies, where would you place them in the grid?

· Easy jet
· Primark
· Prada
· Ford
· Apple
· Mercedes-Benz

Total Market Focus Niche Market Focus
Low / Modest Price
Other Differentiation

After looking at those companies, where do you feel you fit in? Which part of the grid do you want to fall into?
Sharon Rose-Bloy

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