Is your accountant worthy of a #WorldCup trophy?



You might think an accountant is just someone who does your tax returns, bookkeeping or VAT. You might even stereotype accountants as “Number Crunchers but, when I meet people, I can’t help myself when I ask “what would your dream accountant be, or what would your dream accountant do for you” People tend to answer with “I would like an accountant who would get my figures right”, or “I would like an accountant who will never land me with a late payment penalty.” what would your answer be? When I say “What about an accountant who pushes you to grow your business or points out your faults to help you improve, or talks to you in a language you understand, so you can fully appreciate where your accountancy fees are being spent or what about being kept up to date with the latest changes that could affect you or your business, or being invited to free business events” I find myself with puzzled face’s looking at me.

Like many businesses out there we as a firm have evolved into something bigger and better. Our mind set of looking out for number 1, YOU, is always first and foremost. I would love to help you if you want to experience an evolving accountancy firm. I promise your perception of accountants will change.

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